Exploring Fairfax through Family Papers: John M. Sherwood Collection Exhibit

This exhibit focuses on three properties and one story documented in the family papers of the John M. Sherwood Collection: Tyson’s Corner, Sherwood's Tourist Home, Kamp Washington and the story of the ten cent car. Each collection of materials that have been put together for this exhibit are important documents shining light on elements of the past in the Fairfax, Virginia area.

Along with telling stories about Fairfax this exhibit also focuses on the different types of materials found in the John M. Sherwood collection and other manuscript collections housed at the Fairfax Public Library Virginia Room. Examining different types of items in the collection gives viewers different insights into the past. The collection Basics of archives and special collections is an introduction to what happens when a collection is donated to an institution.

A lifelong Fairfax resident, Mr. Sherwood made this generous donation to the Virginia Room in 2008, shortly before his death at age 90. The collection helps to chronicle the rich story of growth and development in Fairfax County throughout the twentieth century.

The John M. Sherwood collection is housed at the Fairfax Public Library Virginia Room in Fairfax, Virginia. This collection was recently processed and a finding aid is available at the library. This site is an introduction to the collection. Images and collections of materials are based on a physical exhibit that is in the display case in the Virginia Room.

The exhibit is divided into five parts:

Tyson's Corner 

Sherwood's Tourist Home 

Kamp Washington

The Ten Cent Car

Basics of archives and special collections

Recently Added Items

Guest register, Sherwood's Tourist Home


Guest register signed by those staying at the Sherwood's Tourist Home in Fairfax, Virginia from the 1930s to the 1950s.

Petrified wood


A piece of petrified wood found at Tyson's corner in the late 1960s.

Myers property at Tyson's Corner


Myers property at Tyson's Corner