Kamp Washington


Kamp Washington


The Kamp Washington tourist court was located at the intersection of Little River Turnpike and Lee Highway on the edge of the Town of Fairfax.

The property was purchased by Katherine Curry on November 1, 1928. The following year, she went into partnership with Warren Stoner and the couple were soon married.

Vincent Sutphin described the property in his recent book entitled Nothing Remains the Same:
“The camp consisted of some twelve to fifteen one-room frame cabins. Each cabin had a bed, several chairs, a King wood heater stove, and was lighted with a single electric bulb in the center of the room. Toilet facilities with showers, as well as additional cabins, were located in the center of the camp along a graveled driveway. The owner’s Cape Cod frame home was also located along this semi-circle driveway with entrances along Route 236. The owner, Mr. Stoner also ran a small lunchroom with a counter and booths.”

In 1941, the Stoners sold Kamp Washington to Robert Conkle and Douglas Vincent of Falls Church.

Albert Sherwood purchased the tourist court in 1948 and began to redevelop it, slowly tearing down the cabins and replacing them with small brick houses which he rented out. Many were built using leftover construction materials from previous jobs. The property is currently the site of the Office Depot and Washington Sports Club building and parking lots.

Items included in the physical exhibit:
Survey of Lot 2 Westmore Subdivision Section 2, August 1931
Certificate of Title Kamp Washington property, 1948
Kamp Washington Restaurant, photo, undated
Kamp Washington road sign, 1930-1960
Kamp Washington, postcard, undated

Collection Items

Survey of Lot 2 Westmore Subdivision Section 2
Survey of Lot 2, Westmore Subdivision Section 2. Made for W. S Hoge Jr. This document shows the land Kamp Washington was built on in Lot 1 labeled "tourist camp".

Road sign, "Kamp Washington Fairfax VA"
Metal road sign advertising the Kamp Washington Tourist Motel, intersection of U. S. Routes 29-211-50, Fairfax, Virginia.

The restaurant at Kamp Washington, Fairfax, VA
Black and white image of the restaurant at the Kamp Washington tourist court.

Kamp Washington insurance survey
Fire insurance survey of Albert R. Sherwood, property known as "Kamp Washington", located southeast corner Lee Blvd and Lee-Jackson highway, Fairfax, VA.

Kamp Washington, Fairfax, Va
Kamp Washington Tourist Motel, intersection of U. S. Routes 29-211-50, Fairfax, Virginia.
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