Tyson's Corner


Tyson's Corner


In 1905, John Sherwood's grandparents, Henry and Savilla Myers, purchased property at the intersection of Routes 7 and 123. The area was known then as Tyson’s Crossroads. Over the years the family ran a filling station, repair shop, auto dealership and a general store at the site. As the Tyson’s Corner area developed, most of the original parcel was condemned for the widening of Routes 7 and 123. In the early 1970s, the remainder of the property was leased to the Koons Family for an automobile dealership, which is still there today.

Items included in physical exhibit:
Metal sign, H.S. Myers, Tyson's Crossroads, undated
Petrified Wood found at Tyson's Corner, 1967
Tyson's Corner Garage, advertising calendar notebooks, 1923
Men standing outside of Myers store, photograph, undated
Interior of Myers store at Tyson's Corner, photograph, 1920-1939
Wooden gasoline gauge, Tyson's Corner Garage, undated

Collection Items

Myers gas station at Tysons corner
Four men stand outside the Myers gas station and store at what is now Tysons Corner in Virginia.

Inside of Myers store at Tyson's Corner
Inside of the Myers store at Tyson's corner. Frank Myers on left, Charlie Myers on right.

Inside the Myers Store at Tyson's Corner
Inside the Myers general store at Tyson's Corner. Frank Myers (glasses), Charlie Myers (far right).

Fossil log found at Tysons Corner may aid science
Newspaper article from The Evening Star reporting on the finding of petrified wood at Tyson's Corner.

Myers store - Tyson's Corner Garage ephemera
Two pieces of ephemera created as advertising for Tyson's Corner Garage. One is a pink notepad with a calendar on the back of it. The second item is a wooden fuel gauge.

Engine used at Tyson's Corner
Engine used at Tyson's Corner.

Two riders on horseback outside of a store at Tyson's Corner.
Two riders on horseback outside of a store at Tyson's Corner.

Husking corn
Three men are husking and moving corn with the help of a machine. The larger contraption they are using is an ensilage cutter and silo filler. The men are feeding corn into the machine which cuts the corn and blows it to the top of the silo. The…

Husking corn
Four women standing in front of a horse drawn wagon filled with corn. On the left side of the image there is a man feeding corn into a machine that will cut the corn and move it to the top of a silo.

Myers property at Tyson's Corner
Myers property at Tyson's Corner
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