Sherwood's Tourist Home


Sherwood's Tourist Home


When John Sherwood returned home in 1937 from his freshman year at The University of Virginia, his father Albert was just finishing up construction on “the house he had always dreamed of building.” The seven bedroom house sat near the intersection of Lee Highway and Fairfax Boulevard. It featured solid brick construction, a slate roof and a handmade, solid walnut banister made from a tree Albert Sherwood had planted as a young boy. The property also featured.a tennis court, two car garage with an apartment over it, apple trees, a pear orchard, a boxwood court and a vegetable garden.

Albert ran a successful construction company for many years, building private homes and commercial buildings throughout Fairfax and Arlington counties. He built the fire house for the town of Fairfax, homes in Fairfax Heights, Lyon Village in Arlington, homes in the Moore-Oliver subdivision in Fairfax, He was also a director of the National Bank of Fairfax and a member of the Fairfax Town Council for forty years. He served from 1916-1956 and still holds the record for the longest serving councilmember. His wife Annie took care of guests at the tourist home that they ran out of their house.

After Albert and Annie Sherwood died in 1963, the property was sold and “Wild Bill” Patram moved the house down the hill into the adjoining Westmore neighborhood.

Items included in the physical exhibit:
Bird’s eye view of Kamp Washington and Sherwood’s Tourist Home, photograph, undated
Sherwood’s Tourist home business cards, undated
Guest ledger, Sherwood's Tourist Home, 1928-1951
William B. Patram and Company Moving Engineers brochure, 1960s
Permit for moving the Sherwood home, 1967
Albert R. Sherwood residence at Kamp Washington being moved by William B. Patram, photograph, 1967

Collection Items

Relocation of old Sherwood's Tourist home
Albert R. Sherwood residence at Kamp Washington being moved by William B. Patram.

Sherwood's Tourist Home later Sherwood's residence
Albert R. Sherwood residence at Kamp Washington

Relocating the old Sherwood Tourist home
Albert R. Sherwood residence at Kamp Washington being moved by William B. Patram.

Aerial photograph of Kamp Washington
This aerial photograph shows the Sherwood's Tourist Home on the right and on the left is the semi-circle of buildings that constitute Kamp Washington.

Sherwood's Tourist Home business cards
Three sets of business cards for Sherwood's Tourist home. This image shows the fronts and backs of each card.

Guest register, Sherwood's Tourist Home
Guest register signed by those staying at the Sherwood's Tourist Home in Fairfax, Virginia from the 1930s to the 1950s.
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