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Four men stand outside the Myers gas station and store at what is now Tysons Corner in Virginia.

Inside of the Myers store at Tyson's corner. Frank Myers on left, Charlie Myers on right.

Inside Tyson's Store
Inside the Myers general store at Tyson's Corner. Frank Myers (glasses), Charlie Myers (far right).

Fire insurance survey of Albert R. Sherwood, property known as "Kamp Washington", located southeast corner Lee Blvd and Lee-Jackson highway, Fairfax, VA.

The John M. Sherwood: Exploring Fairfax through Family Papers exhibit display at the Fairfax Public Library Virginia Room in Fairfax, VA.

Follow the source link to view the video. John Sherwood's part starts at 46:47.

Kamp Washington Tourist Motel, intersection of U. S. Routes 29-211-50, Fairfax, Virginia.

Newspaper article from The Evening Star reporting on the finding of petrified wood at Tyson's Corner.

Two pieces of ephemera created as advertising for Tyson's Corner Garage. One is a pink notepad with a calendar on the back of it. The second item is a wooden fuel gauge.

Engine used at Tyson's Corner.
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