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Albert R. Sherwood residence at Kamp Washington being moved by William B. Patram.

Albert R. Sherwood residence at Kamp Washington

This aerial photograph shows the Sherwood's Tourist Home on the right and on the left is the semi-circle of buildings that constitute Kamp Washington.

Survey of Lot 2, Westmore Subdivision Section 2. Made for W. S Hoge Jr. This document shows the land Kamp Washington was built on in Lot 1 labeled "tourist camp".

Metal road sign advertising the Kamp Washington Tourist Motel, intersection of U. S. Routes 29-211-50, Fairfax, Virginia.

Black and white image of the restaurant at the Kamp Washington tourist court.

Three boys pushing and driving the broken Model T that John Sherwood's brother purchased for ten cents at auction.

A group of boys and young men stand on the broken Model T that Maurice Sherwood purchased for ten cents at auction.

Receipt written by Eppa P. Kirby, Sheriff of Fairfax, County, for the sale of a Ford Roadster model T for $.10 to Maurice Sherwood.

Fire insurance survey of Albert R. Sherwood, property known as "Kamp Washington", located southeast corner Lee Blvd and Lee-Jackson highway, Fairfax, VA.
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